Special Placement Test

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Special Placement Test

International English Exams have become real challenges for the candidates whose concern is to score well and follow their purposes in life. Getting a desired result in a test requires a high quality preparation beforehand. Gooyesh Special Placement Test is designed to help candidates overcome this feeling of unpreparedness and decide where to begin from. Preparation courses for International English tests like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE require you to be ready enough in order to get the best out of the class. 

Through Gooyesh Special Placement Test you can simply understand whether it is time for you start the preparation course or you still need some more time studying the pre courses. This well designed placement exam tests your level of Grammar and also checks your productivity by 2 types of writings. 

For best result to happen you simply need to calm down and take the test in a very comfortable situation at your ease. Turn your phones off and ask family members or others next to you not to disturb you.

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