Get ready for the future


Have you ever thought about the future? The future of our family and us in the whole technologically developed world. The world which is run by the computer-oriented people. What do you think is going on? Where are we heading to? Can everyone keep up with the trend? How should we get ready for the future?

Computer science and Information technology plus AI (artificial intelligence) have been manipulating our life for more than half a century. The more we move on towards the future the deeper we get immersed into technology. Things are changing exotically and people have to stay on track or otherwise stay at the end of the line. Old style jobs are being vanished and avant-garde occupations are leading the edge.

Future and Technology

What it used to be like

Half a century ago norm of conventionality was ruling almost all classes of life in a society. Cultural behaviour and ethical practices were towards special traditions and studies. People did not have to go to school for a long time and not everyone was a PHD holder. Being able to read and write was considered a trace of literacy. Gradually after years passed concepts changed and signs of modernity appeared. Studying at the university and getting familiar with computer science were important factors of literacy. Regarding communication some people were also able to communicate in French and English or even in Spanish.

What is it like now

Things have changed since the last decade. It has been a while that if you do not have a university degree and also the needed know-how of computer science and technology, plus knowing English as an international language, you are considered illiterate. That is one of the most important reasons why everyone has to study English to be able to communicate. University classes are mainly held in English. Science and computer language is also English.  

What will it be like in the future

There is absolutely no doubt that English is considered as the most important key factor in the future. Whatever scientist will accomplish needs a language for communication and transmission and that language is English. The whole world moves on in a really fast pace with technological advancement and technology itself needs a key element in order to help bind both science and scientists together. Everything from blockchain technology to beyond atmosphere trips to other galaxies with AI is successfully being coordinated in and through English.

get ready for the future

Believe it or not, technophiles have ardently been manipulating our life in the last couple of decades. Tech ingenuity is an inseparable segment of our future and if you are a technophobe you should already consider yourself a loser. However, still there is a way to tackle the matter. Learning English and keeping yourself updated by the news and studying techno-mags will be of great help. As English is the language of our future, learning it is your only course of action to success.


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