Grammar and Learning


Language learning has become a worldwide issue in the last couple of decades. There are several reasons why everyone desires to learn a new language. Some are after the joy of learning the new culture and a better communication with the people of that language, while others are seeing a new language as a way of doing business and making money. Regardless of the reasons of learning the new language, how one should learn it seems to be very much demanding and the relation between grammar and learning is undeniable.


Grammar and Learning

Grammar and learning a new language have precisely a closely relation that no one can really deny. We do not need to mention that grammar is partly universal according to ‘Noam Chomsky’. That is, some of the rules of language learning are the same in all languages. An instance is the effortless language learning of children, through which a child does not need to study the rules of the language and simply learns to speak that language.

Scary Grammar

Grammar has been one of the language learning monsters all these years, and students seem to hate studying that. Due to some of learning methods like grammar translation method, grammar studies gained the top hate rate amongst pupils. As of my experience in my language school Gooyesh language Academy, you do not see even a handful of students coming and asking you about grammar courses. However, they all desire to be accurate and proficient students only by grammar-less conversation courses.

Magic of Grammar

Considering a language without the rules of structure is impossible. Not even a single sentence is made out of the grammar rules criteria; hence, we conclude that by learning grammar rules we simply have the mastery over the language learning system which gives you the opportunity to even learn several languages in a short period of time. Knowing the fact that language is both production and reception describes that in grammar we use the language. As a matter of fact grammar is a system by which you no longer need to worry about any of the skills of a language you have problems with.

Grammar and exams

International English tests like IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo and others may not seem to check your grammar. However, through your production and reception throughout the exam your grammar will be tested. So, next time when you need some more scores in writing go check your grammar knowledge first. Making sentences and forming a paragraph and putting paragraphs together to make an essay is the power of grammar.

Your speaking is a productive skill and you need the knowledge of grammar to sort out your topic and get ready to speak. You require a set of rules for your speech to be in a perfect format. In order to start from somewhere and continue neatly in between the lines and go smoothly as possible.

Therefore, there is one absolute requirement to learning a new language and that is through grammar. Next time you have a grammar session do not try to ditch that and simply put more effort on learning.

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