Paragraph Formation and Organization


Paragraph Formation and Organization

Paragraph formation and organization are two of the most important issues that everyone needs to be careful about. Writing a paragraph regardless of the content and what to write about, needs to be well-sorted and clean. Sometimes the idea inside the text is of very good value, it is not considered as a paragraph though. Readers should easily follow the pattern and find their way within the paragraph. Coherence and unity of the paragraph will not be misunderstood if the formation and organization lead the readers.

What is a paragraph

A paragraph is a combination of words and sentences informing about a topic. This combination introduces the topic first. The topic will be elaborated or defined or narrated in mid section. The number of words or sentences in a paragraph can not make one paragraph a most read one. And last but not least comes the conclusion which is saying the topic in other words.

For this to happen there needs to be both the formation and organization of the topic to be expressed.


Paragraph Formation

Formation of the paragraph refers to several factors contributing the shape of the text. Paragraph margin keeps the text neatly away from the edge of the paper. Indentation in classic style of paragraph writing starts the first sentence five spaces away from the margin. Sentences in a paragraph are to be connected to one another and otherwise that combination is not called a paragraph. Finally there must be a title entitled to every paragraph, a word or a phrase, or even a sentence.


Paragraph Organization

A typical paragraph has a topic sentence that bears the controlling idea of the topic. Topic sentences mainly appear at the beginning of the paragraphs. Sometimes topic sentences are revealed in the middle or at the end of the text. And very rarely it is implied in the whole text.

What comes next is the supporting sentences which helps topic sentence to be clarified. There are two different ways to present the supporting details. One of them is the direct support way in which all the supporting sentences appear one after another advocating the view in the topic sentence (figure 1). Another way is called indirect support in which there are sub-supporting sentences that are advocating the supporting sentences (figure 2).


figure 2


Conclusion of all the paragraphs are seriously very important although they are given less credit to sometimes. The information in the conclusion can be either re-statement of the topic sentence or it’s paraphrase.

All in all, have in mind that the story which is led open in a paragraph should be started with an appropriate controlling idea. Afterwards, the idea needs to be widened open in detail and/ or with examples. statistical information or factual data of a process should not be ignored as well. Then it is time to wind up what you have started at the beginning of your text.

In order to sum up the article and as we noticed paragraph formation and organization have to taken care of for having the best result in your paragraph development.

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